Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It Was One Of Those Days

I should have figured that the "Swim at your own risk"
sign was a hint - big swimmin' hole here!
Fishing last Saturday (14 August) on the Flint River at Sprewell Bluff State Park.  Looking for smallmouth and shoal bass.  Never did find 'em, but I think I found the biggest hole.  My wallet is still drying out.

Sprewell Bluff State Park

Sprewell Bluff is the spot where the Flint River crosses the 'fall line' - it crosses from the Appalachian uplands and enters the Georgia piedmont.

Von with one of two smallies he got
I'm not sure what Von was throwing, but it worked better than anything anyone else was using.

Shawn working the pools
Shawn, beating the water to no avail...

Jim. Stylin'
If you are not catching anything at least you can look good while doing it.

You take your shelter where you can find it
Not long after lunch we heard a roar moving up the river from the south and realized it was rain!  Within moments a wall of water swept over us.

They say the worst day fishing is better than the best day at work.  I agree, but actually hooking a fish or two makes the experience a whole lot better.

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