Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Like Skype

So there I was, traipsing across the tee box on the 14th hole at the golf course, fly fishing rod in hand (obviously I wasn't there to golf) and on a whim I decide to check and see if Aileen is on-line. Since Aileen is in Costa Rica doing her student teaching we have started using Skype to keep in touch. I tap the Skype button on my iPhone and I'm surprised to see that she is, in fact, on line. Another tap on her Skype connect icon and a few moments later we're chatting - me on the tee box at the Planterra Golf Course in Fayette County, Georgia and she in her bedroom in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The best part? Our 15 minute conversation cost precisely $0.00. Yup, nada. Compare that to the $30 the blood suckers at AT&T would have charged for the same call if made on their system.

I like Skype.

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