Sunday, August 22, 2010

Is This a Great Picture, or What?

Grayling fishing party on the River Trent

If I was working as a casting director for a movie about fishing I couldn't put together a better cast of characters than are seen here, and I could not have composed the picture any better.

Click on the photo to see it full resolution.

This is a picture of a real fishing party - a Grayling fishing party on the River Trent in England.  The picture was posted on the Classic Fly Rod Forum by Stuart Tod, who is fourth from the left in the picture.  The forum topic was 'Favorite Fishing Hats', and Stuart's comment was, "take your pick!"

This is a shot of English fishing tradition at it's finest - lots of tweed, waxed cotton, sweaters & mufflers, 'Wellies' (knee boots), salmon nets, two handed rods and even a bowler!

An absolute classic.  My thanks to Stuart for posting it and reminding us that tradition still lives on in the land of Issac Walton.

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