Monday, January 17, 2011

Grab A Real Strong Cup of Coffee And Watch This

One of the hundreds and hundreds of instructional films created by the Army that did more to cure insomnia among the troops than anything else, but still fun to watch.  It sticks with our theme of compasses and land navigation.  I like a lot of the old-timey touches in the film - M-14 rifles, bright yellow name tapes and enlisted uniform stripes, burlap covers on the helmets (nobody ever did that in the real Army), poncho rolls on the pistol belts, fatigue shirts without cuffs on the sleeves (apparently one of McNamara's cost saving initiatives - geeze) and the classic and ever popular M-1951 field jacket.

So here you are, from 1966 and straight from Stump Neck, Maryland, US Army Training Film 3721, Basic Map Reading:

(Don't worry, I'll flash the room lights twice when the film is over so you know when to wake up.)

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